Be Yourself: Why Not?

I can’t believe it’s March already. How time flies so fast. I’m writing this accompanied with Ed Sheeran’s Divide Album (you should listen all of his songs on this album!) well I’m not going to promote his album in this post. Hahaha. So, let’s start!

I was wondering why I put those title on this post because I even don’t know what ‘Be Yourself’ really means. Oh, don’t mind me. Firstly, I’m going to ask you: “How well you know yourself until you can say you already be yourself?” Actually I’m questioning the question to myself too. Because how come someone knows his/herself? So confusing. All these days back to 2-4 years ago, I really don’t know whats myself really wants or what is my truly desire. Until the storm came up into my life (well, literally I consider the problem as a storm). When the storm hit me hard like a knife piercing my body, I, as time goes by, finally understand: who am I, what things I need and don’t, and so on. It doesn’t that easy to know yourself even to love yourself. Why I’m saying this? Because, I’m sure, there’s still a moment when you’re just starting to hate yourself due to you couldn’t get what you want, you miss your old life, you couldn’t stand out from your comfort zone. Comfort zone. Yes, comfort zone is a condition that I think limiting ourselves to know ourselves a little more. Sometimes you can’t see where is your comfort zone but you can feel it with your heart. Also sometimes, someone neglects “I’m not in my comfort zone” Cmon, how come you know? It’s people who see that through your act every day by day. The point is: How I know myself?

I read this and this. Surprisingly found this statement:

“The persona can be understood as the personality we choose over the personality with which we are born. The persona is an expression not necessarily of our true selves, but of our egos: how we wish to see ourselves and for others to see us, as opposed to who we truly and wholly are. As Jung pointed out, to have a persona is not the problem. We all need a persona, as we all need an ego. But the trouble begins when we become overidentified with the persona or ego, believing that these artificial creations totally define our identity. Such overidentification with the persona, frequently the catalyst for what Jung called “mid-life crisis,” can become constrictive, one-sided and suffocating as we grow, mature and develop psychologically.”

So, our egos affects our personality? It is quite true. Because it was a human nature to follow their egos throughout everything in their life. That’s why I mentioned about Comfort Zone above. Your egos were also your Comfort Zone. Sometimes someone are imitating someone else to be accepted. Sometimes someone used to hates something but since they found their new environment they tend to be alike with the environment itself (they used to hate the environment, how funny). Sometimes someone used to explaining what they like and don’t but ended up with the major opinion. Sometimes someone used to be talkative but yet they prefer to be silent because no one hears the perception. True?

Finding yourself really are it’s a bit hard yet easy. Maybe I could say, I, as a teenager lack of experience. All you need actually is just a experience. To understand, to listen and to act like yourself used to be or yourself really are. Also as time goes by, you will explore something you used to do and you used to hate. I don’t know why this kind of thing happens to me, or is it 20 years old’s fluctuation? Maturity makes you know yourself. But you have to split which one is you and which one is your ego because believe me “Your Ego Could Be Your Biggest Flaw” (I copied Cinta Laura’s caption on her instagram). Do not afraid to explore yourself really wants. Do not imitate the others. Just be confident with yourself. It is not a fault to be yourself as long as you don’t hurt someone or it’s all about the kindness. Actually when you love yourself and found what is your truly desire you will found interesting conversation, forum or even you made friends. Because you love yourself (even though it was cliché) trust me you will know yourself more and more. You will be happier than you used to be. Your heart will always be in its peace situation. When you started to hate yourself, just remember how lucky are you that you found you still breath in this beautiful world. Just remember mouth-watering foods did you eat yesterday or even today. Just remember there are plenty people who always be your side so do not be afraid to be yourself even though you will be different from the others.

Ah, almost forgot, I found interesting quiz online on this and this link.

In a nutshell, I would say, Be Yourself even no one stand by your side at least you show your true colors to them not being fake. Be Yourself! Why Not?

7 thoughts on “Be Yourself: Why Not?

  1. Hi Melati!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on one of my posts. Appreciate it.
    I must say that you’ve covered a lot of areas relating to “finding your true self” here. And pretty insightful views you have too. It’s a great read.

    Having said that, I find these points totally agreeable:

    1) That finding your true self is pretty much confusing. It is really, when you don’t know what “self” is authentic to you;
    2) That your ego is not the real representation of your self or who you wanted to become;
    3) That you must be confident on the self you chose, no matter what other people say. You must embrace and take pride on your uniqueness from others.

    Taking into consideration those points, finding your true self, in reality, greatly depends on you. “It” is of your own choice. Yet be aware of the fact that our self is not immutable or it is not ‘fixed’ as many perceived it to be, well that is what I believed in. Hence, as you grow older and mature, your perception of who you want to be also evolved. For instance, a mother of grown up kids would probably CHOOSE to adopt a completely different self (character/attitude/perception/notions, etc) compared to the self she would have wanted to choose when she was 20 or 30 years old or when she was a younger mother with younger kids.

    Simply put: As we inch forward and grow mature, along the way the preference of the self we wanted to adopt also evolve. THE MERE PROCESS OF CHOOSING WHO WE WANTED TO BE (OUR TRUE SELF) IS, IN ITSELF, A DEEPLY AUTHENTIC WAY TO BE.

    So choose wisely the self you want to be. There are no standards to it. It’s definitely your OWN choice. As you’ve said in the last line of this post: “Be Yourself even no one stand by your side at least you show your true colors to them not being fake. Be Yourself! ”



    1. Yes, you were also right. It depends on ourselves what we are going to be. I just realised from your example, well, yes. I never thought how Mom or Dad used to behave and so on. And they are starting to become a good parents and neglecting their truly desire (maybe our parents want some space or they want to be theirselves too, who knows right?) thank you for sharing your thought with me on this post! Appreciate it! 🙂


  2. I love this message! There is only one you and it’s best to love and accept yourself for who you are. You are a great writer and I appreciate you leaving me a comment.

    Liked by 1 person

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