Cloud Computing Project #3

Docker Swarm Icon

Docker swarm is a clustering and scheduling tool for Docker containers. With this method, IT or developers can establish and manage a cluster of Docker nodes as a single virtual system. With swarm method can also exists natively for Docker engine, the layer between the OS and container images. Swarm mode will integrates the orchestration capabilities of Docker Swarm into the Docker engine.

Clustering is an important feature for the container technology, because it creates a cooperative group of systems that can provide redundancy, enabling Docker Swarm failover if one or more nodes experience an outage. A Docker Swarm cluster also provides the administrator and developer with the capability to add and subtract container iterations as a computing demands change.

When we run a Docker without using swarm mode, you will be execute the container commands, but when you run the Docker in swarm mode, you will be orchestrate the services. You can run swarm services and standalone containers on the same Docker instance.

Configuring Docker Swarm

#for the docker manager

  • Managers:
  • Raspberry Pi 1
Docker Manager (Raspberry Pi 1) and Docker Worker

$docker version


$docker swarm init –listen-addr :2377

$docker node ls

#for the docker worker

  • Managers:
    • Raspberry Pi-00
  • Workers:
    • Raspberry Pi-01
Docker Manager (Raspberry Pi-00) + Docker Worker (Raspberry Pi-01) using Docker Swarm

$docker version


$docker swarm join :2377

#back to the docker managers

$docker node ls

Command to  Join, Show Docker Worker and Manager

Installing The Service

For the services, we will use nginx HTTP server and proxy for this hybrid cloud environment. This is the  procedur:

$docker run -d nginx

Run the NGINX

$docker service create –replicas 3 nginx

Nginx (Orange Container) with Docker Manager & Docker Worker using Docker Swarm

$docker service create –name ping00 alpine ping raspberrypi01

Green Container (Another node) & Orange Container (NGINX)

$docker create service –name website –publish 80:80 awan-kinton

Docker service name

$docker service inspect website –pretty

Docker service to inspect website

So, in this session, we have done on creating HTTP server and proxy environment with nginx for the local Cross-platform Hybrid cloud environment framework.

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